Radio 1 UAE All Day News: BP PR Campaign

radio1uaewebWe’ve been successful in winning all-day news coverage for our clients BP and a British HR consultancy. We won all-day news coverage in hourly radio bulletins on Radio 1 UAE, Radio 2 UAE and Hayat FM, which are all part of the influential and highly regarded Gulf News network. They are the most popular English-language radio stations in the UAE, with a combined reach of over 9 million daily listeners. It would be an understatement to say that we’re over the moon about this achievement. This radio interview forms a part of our ongoing PR campaign to boost young Emirati engineering and leadership talent in the UAE.

Radio 1 UAE News

Here’s the edited news segment below. Our slot was the second story and features an interview with Professor William Scott-Jackson for HR consultancy Oxford Strategic Consulting.

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