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Welcome to Howl PR and Digital. We began life in Leicester, England around May 2013 in an embryonic form, and at the behest of a friend who needed a website to be re-designed. This slowly turned into two website re-design projects and, within a very short space of time, small things quickly spiralled into bigger things.

It’s now January 2014 and even though it’s not yet been a year since Howl started, we’ve completed many projects for a list of clients that cover PR, media management, social media direction, website marketing reports, SEO – or search engine optimisation – web design, copywriting and graphic design/identity. We’re now pretty much established as a solid business and our results are showcased on our homepage and blog.

Over the past 8 months we’ve given several client websites a complete re-design – we like to call them ‘makeovers’ – gained tremendous international press coverage for one particular client as part of a large PR campaign, turned around several moribund social media channels to spark wonderful levels of social engagement, composed and issued a large handful of press releases, written first-class copy that converts visitors into customers, analysed websites to deliver marketing reports, searched Google for countless SEO queries and more.

Howl PR and Digital is run by British journalist Michelle Dhillon, who works with the best industry freelancers on occasional large-scale projects. We work with clients who are based all over the globe – location is no barrier for us. The clients we have worked with so far have been based in locations including Nottingham, Leicester, Manchester, Glasgow, Oxford, Dubai and Saudi Arabia. We hope to add more locations to this list before our first year is out.

We’ve been very busy starting up, but now things are ticking along nicely we’ll be showcasing more of our project work and adding various blog posts as we travel all over the world in pursuit of PR, editorial and digital excellence!

Why ‘Howl’? Michelle was born in the Chinese year of the monkey, and has supported various monkey charities over the years. The Howler monkey also has one of the loudest voices in the animal kingdom. Thus our name and ethos was born – Howl will always get your message heard!

We hope that you like us enough to share your thoughts, follow us on Twitter, share details on LinkedIn, or contact us with a project. We rarely take on a project if we don’t believe it’s suited to us, or if we can’t make an impact. So get in touch to find out what all the fuss is about.




Howler Monkey

Howler Monkey

Howler Monkey has the loudest voice in the animal kingdom and he updates our website ------ Howl PR & Digital gets your message heard ------

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